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Sun Bridge Services

Sun Bridge Services

Responding to the demands of international distribution that have arisen in recent years, Sun Bridge provides consistent importing and exporting services for our customers.

Sun Bridge can receive, store (manage inventory), weigh, wrap, pack and deliver your product. All tasks are done in a fully equipped, suitable storage area (refrigerated storage area; fully equipped, low temperature, dust-free chamber; etc.) in order to keep freight content fresh and in good condition. We mainly handle dairy product, chesse, ham, dried vegetables/fruits and wines.

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Event flow from import to deliver

Event flow from import to deliverDevanningInspectStore in warehouse (refrigerated / chilled / normal temperature)Food processing (Cut / Metal detector)Distributive processing (Weigh, Pack, Inspect, Shrink wrap, Assort, Gift wrap, Label, Label print), Order / delivery arrangementPick upPackingDeliver / transport

1. Devanning


We deal with international cargo that arrives Narita Airport, sea fright and domestic products.

Your product will be kept at suitable temperature while devanning and unpacking in our warehouse.

2. Inspect


We inspect the number/condition of the product.

3. Store in warehouse (refrigerated / chilled / normal temperature)

Store in warehouse (refrigerated / chilled / normal temperature)

Your product will be sorted properly by type/date in warehouse.

We keep our warehouse at a proper temperature. We can handle refrigerated/chilled product.

4. Distributive processing

Cut / Individual package

●Cut / Individual package

We can cut block of cheese or butter at any weight you need. Also, we pack/wrap them individually.

About dust-free chamber



We make an assortment/sampler and pack/wrap them.

For example, we make assorted chocolates, assorted cheeses, or set of cheese and wine.

Shrink wrapping

●Shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping keeps food package clean and hygienic and makes them look beautiful. It enhances the value of your product.

Weigh / Inspect

●Weigh / Inspect / Metal detector

We check the weight/condition of the product one by one.

Also, we have metal detector to inspect the safety of the product.

Metal detector


We accept from printing to pasting labels on each product.



Not only ordinary wrapping, we can offer you special gift wrapping for Christmas, New Year's gift or Valentine's gift.


5. Pick up

Pick up

Responding to orders from our customers, we pick the products up and arrange for delivery.

6. Packing


We pack up the product in a proper way.

7. Deliver / transport

Deliver / transport Deliver / transport

Your product will be packed in cardboard box, pallet wrapping, or any kind of packing to get them delivered safely and to keep the good condition.

About transportation

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Sun Bridge Services

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